David Hume and Religion: A Talk (in Portuguese)

Below, my class of almost three hours — unfortunately, for the English speakers, in Portuguese — about “David Hume and Religion”, taught, on 3-Mar-2019, in the course “Philosophy of Religion”, in the Graduate Program of Religion of the Methodist University of São Paulo (which, curiously, is not located in the city of São Paulo, but in the neighboring city of São Bernardo do Campo). The event was sponsored by the Hermeneia Research Group, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Vitor Chaves de Souza, responsible for the course, my nephew, of whom I am very proud, whom I greatly admire (as a person and as a professional), and to whom I am thankful for the invitation, for the video which he has had the thoughtfulness and the kindness to provide, and also for the decision to publish a book within the next year which will include the basic text which underlies the content of the class.

[ Address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbxVRT0yaHA&t=474s ]

Salto, SP, 4-May-2019

Eduardo CHAVES

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